Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

Our Paint protection film (PPF) majorly protects your car with any sort of damages on the paint, be it due to the weather, scratches, bird waste or stone chips! The PPF is invisible which provides protection to the bumpers, the bonnet, side mirror casings, front roofline, door sills, door handle cups, and side mirror coverings- depending upon the package you move forward with.

Full front and sills kit:

It takes around 1-2 Days to carry out the job.

Covers the following parts:
  • Front bumper
  • Full wings
  • Full bonnet
  • Side Sills
  • Headlights
  • Wing mirrors.

This package involves an entire front coverage which certainly is the most suitable option.

Price: Starts from $2250
Complete kit:

3-4 Days It primarily includes all the external painted sections on the car.


This package forms a comprehensive coverage for your car and that is the reason it is essentially becoming popular amongst our esteemed customers. Choosing the complete kit for your car is sure to cater to all your car protection requirements.

Price: Starts from $5500
Full Custom Design Kit:

It normally takes up to 8-10 Days for the job.It includes all the external painted sections, with customizations.


This full custom design kit is specifically designed to suit your needs. The custom option lets you decide your preferences.

Price: Starts from $6500